Top up Russian online?

Can you top up Russian mobile phones online?

You may be a business man traveling to Moscow to sign a deal or a tourist wandering through the steppes of Mongolia. There are many reasons for traveling to Russia and one thing is for sure: You need a working mobile phone to stay connected with your business partner or the new Russian friends you have just met! But the problem with using your SIM card abroad, is the high roaming costs. To avoid these additional costs it makes sense to purchase a local SIM card. So this is one problem solved!

But having a SIM card doesn´t automatically mean you have credit on your phone. Let´s solve another problem!

Simply go to via your tablet, mobile phone or laptop and experience how fast and easy it is to top up a Russian SIM card online. And what makes it even better, at utransto you can top up over 450 operators in more than 100 countries and choose from different payment methods and currencies.

utransto web interface

It is so simple: You register for free, either with your email address, via Facebook or Google+. You then enter the number you would like to top up. The operator and a selection of top up packages will appear from which you choose the amount you like. The last step is to choose a payment method and the credit can be purchased. It will then only take a few seconds until the credit will be send to the phone. Both sender (via email) and receiver (via text message) will be notified once the credit has been successfully sent.

Visit us now on and see for yourself how easy it is to stay connected all over the world.


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