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Network coverage from Beeline in Russia


    Network coverage from Beeline in Russia (open in new window)

Internet prices

  • 0.00 RUB

    Connection cost

  • 400.00 RUB per month

    Subscription fee for HIGHWAY 4GB

  • 600.00 RUB per month

    Subscription fee for HIGHWAY 8GB

  • Once the 4GB or 8GB Highway Internet bundles has been used up, the speed of mobile Internet is not limited, and additional bundles will be subscribed automatically at a cost of 20 RUB per 200MB until the original Internet bundle is updated. In order to disable the subscription of additional bundles and to select your speed limit call on 0674717780 for free or send USSD command *115*230#

Installation and service management

  • 06740717031

    For activation of Highway 4GB, please call

  • 0674071741

    For activation of Highway 8GB, please call

  • 0674717030

    For deactivation of Highway 4GB, please call

  • 067471740

    For deactivation of Highway 8GB, please call

  • *110*181#

    If you have disabled basic services of Internet access, you can re-install these with send USSD command – for free!

  • 0674 101 91 (within Russia from a Beeline SIM card)

    To order automatic internet settings, call this number – for free!

Terms and Conditions

  • Up to 236 KB/s

    Maximum data speed in 2G networks (for GPRS/EDGE technology)

  • Up to 14,4 MB/s

    Maximum data speed in 3G networks (for UMTS/ HSDPA technology)

  • Up to 73 MB/s

    Maximum date speed in 4G networks (for LTE technology)

  • These data rates are not guaranteed in all territories and can depend on terrain, the density of the surrounding buildings, network congestion and other external factors.

  • Once the original Internet bundle has been used up, automatically will be installed additional Internet speed packages: 20 roubles for every 200MB until the original Internet bundle is updated. Once the original bundle has been used up, and if there are not sufficient means to install an additional package, the service will be available at speeds up to 64KB per second. In order to disable the installation of additional bundles automatically and to select your Internet speed limitation, call our specialist team on 067 471 778 0 or send USSD command *115*230#

Roaming Access

  • This option is valid in Russia with the exception of the Primorye, Khabarovsk, Kamchatka regions, the Trans-Baikal Territory, Amur, Irkutsk, Magadan, Sakhalin and the Jewish Autonomous Region, Chukotka and Autonomous Okrug, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Republic of Buryatia, the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. In these regions payment per MB follows as stipulated by the conditions of the tariff plan. In cases of international roaming, this data option is not valid.

  • When in the territories which are a part of the Norilsk tariff zone (i.e. Taimur Dolgan-Nenets and relevant municipal districts, EMO, the city of Norilsk and the city of Igarka), the first 300MB of data either transmitted or received is available on the rate prescribed by your tariff plan. After this, speed is then reduced for the duration of your stay in the Norilsk Tariff region and is limited to 32KB per second. Connection speed is restored within two days from the last online session outside the Norilsk tariff zone.

Compatibility with other services

  • These options are incompatible with other services or options that provide a discount for Internet access. Should a discount be applied to the subscriber's account, the option to apply further discounts on Internet access is disabled.

How your subscription fee is charged

  • The subscription fee is charged when you connect to the service in full. If no cancellation fee is stipulated, you will be charged per MB as stipulated by the terms of your service plan.

Additional information

  • Transmitted and received data are charged to the nearest 150KB


Telecommunication services are provided by OJSC "VympelCom"

Prices include VAT at 18%

Tariff valid as of 10.03.2015