Russian SIM cards

Here you can buy Russian prepaid sim cards of any format and for any phone or tablet. There is a wide range of sim cards with various tariff plans and data bundles in stock. Sim cards operate throughout the whole territory of Russian Federation.

If you buy a SIM card at our store, you will save time on finding profitable data plan upon arrival in Russia, you will always be on hand to your mail, social networks and actual navigation maps. With Russian Prepaid SIM card you will avoid huge roaming bills and be able to share your impressions of the trip instantly being online using our SIM card.

Russian SIM cards 

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MegaFon SIM card

In this section you can purchase your MegaFon SIM card. MegaFon is the youngest and most technologically advanced provider in Russia. The MegaFon network has the widest coverage for standard 3G and 4G networks in all major region in Russia. Internet access is unlimited and available at high speeds.


Only with MegaFon can you benefit from the MultiFon application, which allows you to make calls to Europe at a price of 0.02 Euros per minute. You can read more in 'MultiFon.'