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Do you ship to... Germany, Austria, Australia, China, USA, Israel... ?

  • Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping cost is included in price for EU delivery. Usually it takes 3-9 business days to deliver to any EU country. To have priority delivering we recommend you to order delivery with tracking number. Also non-EU countries could order only delivery service with tracking number. Usually it takes 10-14 business days to deliver to Australia or Hong Kong. We ship next day after receiving a payment of your order. Our main stock is in Prague, Czech Republic, so delivery term to Germany - 3-4 business days.

I'm going to Russia in 2 days. How can I receive SIM card?

  • In this case you can choose delivery to your hotel reception or any local address in Russia, or to any Moscow airport. Delivery cost will appear as additional fee during checkout.

Which operator MegaFon or Beeline should I choose?

  • In Russia both operators has good coverage of 3G/4G/LTE networks. You should choose on your needs in data or voice. The fastest data network has MegaFon. Also MegaFon is main provider of SOCHI 2014 Olympic Games and FIFA2018 World Cup. 

How can I activate my SIM card?

  • Each SIM card has start balance on account = 30 RUB. This money is enough to send us activation SMS from any country of the World. So we recommend you to send activation SMS 1-2 daye before departure to Russia. And after arriving to Russia - you just insert Russian SIM card to your phone and it will work immediately.
  • Activation procedure:
  1. 1) Turn off data roaming on your smartphone. 
  2. 2) Insert Russian SIM card to your smartphone or tablet. Waiting for SIM card is registered in network.
  3. 3) Send SMS with text 'rus-sim' to number +7 905 5456515
  4. 4) Wait for e-mail and SMS to this russian SIM card with confirmation text (English and German), that your SIM card is active 
  5. 5) Check balance on your SIM card (*100# - MegaFon and *102# - Beeline). Balance should be positive and according to your order.
  • If you will not receive confirmation e-mail or SMS within 2-3 hours - please contact us with Viber or WhatsApp or Telegram or by e-mail or call us.

How long does my Beeline/ MegaFon SIM card stay active (Which is expiration term)?

  • All SIM cards remain active for 3 months from the last payment action (sending an SMS, making a phone call) If you have not used your SIM for 3 months and wish to prolong the validity of your SIM card, simply do any action that requires payment (balance inquiry does not count as such an action). For example, seend SMS to our service number +79055456515. If after 3 months from the date of the last activity you do not renew your SIM card expiration term - then money will be debited automatically every day until your balance became 0 RUB. Once this zero balance has been reached, your SIM card will be blocked permanently.

How can I top up my SIM card?

  • You can top up in different ways:
  • 1) Via online banking (MegaFon only);
  • 2) Use third-party services: www.utransto.com 
  • 3) While in Russia - with yiur bank card in any ATM (each has English interface) or MegaFon/Beeline offices. Or with cash in Svyaznoy and Euroset offices or cash terminals. (usually have English interface).

How do I know what my number is? (For buying top up)

  • On the phone with a Rus-Sim SIM card installed, you can enter these command:
  • For Beeline SIM card dial *110*10# and press "call" (and you receive SMS).
  • For MegaFon SIM card dial *205#  

How can I check the balance of sim card?

  • On the phone with a Rus-Sim SIM card installed, you can enter the command:
  • For Beeline *102# and press "send" or (#102# - if your phone does not support Cyrillic)
  • For MegaFon or *100# (*105*0# - if your phone does not support Cyrillic

On a plan with daily rates, how is the subscription fee debited? What constitutes a day?

  • If you use your SIM card to access the Internet your subscription fee will be charged. If you do not access the Internet, then the subscription fee is not charged. Charges are implemented over 24 hour periods. A day is defined as the period between 0:00:00 and 23:59:59 Moscow Time (UTC +4). If you are connected to the Internet at 23.50, the subscription fee will be charged for the current day and the fee will be charged again at 0.00 the following day

How is my payment for my Internet access debited? (Daily and monthly payment plans)

  • On a monthly payment rate (like Beeline highway and MegaFon internet), the fee rate is deducted at the time your bundle is connected or when your SIM is first activated (if the SIM card comes with an included monthly internet bundle).

How long will it take for my Russian prepaid SIM card to be delivered?

  • On average your SIM card will be delivered within 4-6 working days within the EU or between 10 and 15 working days outside the EU. You can also order a SIM card to be delivered to your hotel (or wherever you are staying) or we can deliver your SIM card to your aircraft at the airport. Please inform us as to where you would like your SIM card to be delivered when placing your order on our website.

Does the Rus-Sim card work with all devices? How can I check that my phone (smartphone) is unlocked?

  • SIM cards from the Rus-Sim project (Beeline and MegaFon) are compatible with all devices (phones, smartphones, tablets, USB-modems and WIFI devices) and the SIM cards come in all sizes (nano, micro and standard - 3 in 1). The main requirement for the use of these SIM cards is that the device is not blocked by yor domestic operator (not contractual).

If you want to check if your phone is locked or not, you can find out it very easily. Ask a friend or relative with a SIM card from a different provider to insert their SIM card into your phone or smartphone. If you can make a call with this SIM card, it means that your phone (smartphone) is unlocked and you can use Rus-Sim project SIM cards.

Do SIM cards from the Rus-Sim project work in USB-routers and MI-Fi routers?

  • Yes, SIM cards from the Rus-Sim project work on all devices that operate in the standard GSM (2G/3G/4G/LTE, including USB modems, MI-Fi routers (mobile WI-Fi routers that connect to the Internet via a cellular network and then use WIFI to connect to other devices). Devices operating in CDMA format are not supported.

What settings do I have to install on my phone or tablet to access the Internet? (APN settings of Russian SIM card)

  • When using a SIM card from Russia, no adjustment is required because it can connect to the Internet automatically. Some devices may require administration settings. In order to obtain these settings:
  • Please call 0674 101 91 - (when in Russia and using a Beeline SIM card) – You will receive a message detailing your automatic settings. Manual settings are as follows: 
  • - The access point (APN): internet.beeline.ru 
  • - Username: beeline 
  • - Password: beeline
  • Send a free text to 5049 with the word «internet 1», to get your Internet settings, «internet 3», to obtain MMS settings. Manual settings are as follows:
  • - The access point (APN): internet
  • - Username: do not fill in this field
  • - Password: do not fill in this field
  • If the Internet connection still does not work - please contact our technical support

Can I check to see if I can travel with SIM card of Rus-Sim project worldwide?

  • Yes. You can insert your RUS-Sim Sim card into your phone (smartphone or tablet) to check its balance. If the balance is displayed, you may use your card. We strongly recommend that you do not connect to the Internet outside of Russia, as the cost of accessing the Internet abroad is very high. To avoid incurring charges, turn off the data roaming function on your smartphone or tablet.

Where can I find the PIN for my SIM card? If I lose my PIN PUK and do not know what they are, how can I unlock the SIM card?

  • By default Russian prepaid SIM cards don't use PIN code for using. By the way, the PIN code for your SIM card is located on the base of your SIM card under a protective layer. You should keep your PIN in a safe place. If you have lost your PIN and have entered an incorrect Pin three times, you will be asked to enter the PUK code. The PUK code is also located on the base of the SIM card. If you cannot find your PUK code, please contact us via email: support@rus-sim.com and we will send you a PUK code.

I have received a text message from Beeline / MegaFon. How do I find out what it means?

  • You can find a translation of all SMS message on this page.

If I exceed my monthly Highway Internet plan from Beeline, can I continue to do use the Internet and if so, at what cost?

  • If you have exceeded your Internet bundle then the speed of your mobile Internet is not limited. In case of a positive balance in your account, additional high-speed Internet packages will be automatically installed: 20 roubles for every 200MB. This will continue until the month after the activation of the basic package. To disable the connection of additional packages and to select the speed limit, enter the command 067 471 778 0 or *115*230#

If I exceed my monthly Internet S plan from megaFon, can I continue to do use the Internet and if so, at what cost?

  • If you have exceeded your Internet limit, Internet access is suspended until the beginning of the following month. In order to continue using unlimited by speed Internet access immediately - activate the option series 'Extend Speed'.

How can I activate my Internet bundle on a Beeline SIM card?

  • You can activate one of two Internet bundles. For more details, click here. In order to activate the bundle, the balance on your SIM card needs to be equal to, or greater than, the cost of the Internet bundle.

How do I activate my Internet bundle on a MegaFon SIM card?

  • You can activate one of three Internet bundles. For more details, click here. In order to activate the bundle, the balance on your SIM card needs to be equal to, or greater than, the cost of the Internet bundle.

Can I get a bill (invoice) for my communication services to report to an accountant?

  • Of course! On our online store, every purchase comes with a billing sheet or invoice. This bill will be sent to your email. The company Rus-Sim LLC does not pay VAT.

What do I do if my SIM card does not connect to the mobile network when I arrive in Russian or until I am at home?

  • First - try to reboot the phone (smartphone or tablet). If this does not work - go to your phone (smartphone or tablet) and manually select the available network operator (in Russia - Beeline and MegaFon - depending on which operator you have purchased your SIM card).
  • Second - please contact us by WhatsApp or Viber or Telegram or e-mail or SMS. Our number is +79055456515

Why do I need to give you my passport details?


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