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Service description

  • This is a unique service, available only from MegaFon, which enables you to make calls over the Internet to any number worldwide.

  • The service operates like Skype and Viber. Simply download the application for your smartphone or tablet, install it, complete the registration and you will be able to make calls within Europe at discounted rates – from €0.02 per minute!

Benefits of the service

  • Your Multifon balance is equal to your SIM card balance

    The payment for the Multifon service is debited directly from your SIM card

  • from 0.02 Euros per minute

    Calls to Europe

  • Calls are made via the Internet and can be made no matter what Internet speed

  • Connect to any WIFI network

    If you have no MegaFon signal, simply connect to WIFI and you can always stay in touch!

  • Единая стоимость звонков по всему миру

    You can use your MegaFon number anywhere in the world without incurring roaming charges

  • One mobile number for both the SIM card and the app

    Free incoming calls to your MegaFon number worldwide – no roaming costs

  • You also have the ability to record your conversation and keep them on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Английский, немецкий, чешский, русский

    Приложение работает на нескольких языках

Where can I download this app?

Multifon Rates

  • Free

    Incoming calls on a smartphone with the Multifon service installed

  • Free

    Outgoing audio and video calls on smartphones with the Multifon service installed

  • 0.8 RUB per minute

    Calls to MegaFon numbers in Russia

  • 1.5 RUB per minute

    Calls to any number in Russia

  • 0.9 RUB per minute

    Calls to any landline number in Austria, Hungary and Germany

  • from 4.9 RUB per minute

    Calls to any mobile number in Austria, Hungary and Germany

  • 1.5 RUB per minute

    Calls to landline numbers in the Czech Republic

  • 3.9 RUB per minute

    Calls to mobile numbers in the Czech Republic

  • Download the full price of the service (in Russian)

    Calls to other countries (in other areas)

How to activate this service (register)

  • Step One: Dial *137*1# and press Call. You will then be automatically connected to the Multifon service (subscription fee 0.00 roubles). You will then receive an SMS message containing your username and password, which will allow you to enter the application (login format 7 XXX XXX XX XX – this matches your telephone number). Message in Russian – see here.

  • Step Two: download the application (see above link)

  • Step Three: Enter your username and password (as detailed in the SMS)

MegaFon coverage


    MegaFon Coverage in Russia (opens in new window)

Roaming access

  • Free incoming calls via the Multifon service – worldwide!

  • Make outgoing calls anywhere in the world at uniform rates with the Multifon service app.

  • The service is compatible with 4G, 3G and 2G networks throughout Russia, except in areas covered by the Far Eastern Branch of OJSC MegaFon, i.e. Taimyr municipal district and the city of Norilsk. In these regions you will be charged per MB as stipulated by the terms of your tariff plan.

  • In cases of international roaming, payment for Internet access is charged according to the tariff plan on the SIM card installed in your smartphone or tablet.

  • In order to make a call anywhere in the world for a constant Multifon tariff and to receive free incoming calls, connect to a WIFI network or use a local SIM card for data transmission and connect to the internet.



Telecommunication services are provided by OJSC "Megafon"

Prices include VAT at 18%

Tariff valid as of 14.06.2014